Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new challenges!

hey guys! this is just a post to say that I will be entering the 2011 350 page book challenge. This is  hosted by Ashley at Whats your story?

The rules for this one are pretty simple. your blog must be YA and you have to read books 350 pages or more. Books and E-readers count, but you can not listen to audio books. and you don't even have to make a list of the books your going to read now, which I love.  So thank you Ashley, for the awesome contest

I'm also entering the 2011 YA Historical Fiction challenge hosted by YA bliss 

For this contest you just read Historical fiction YA novels. There are three levels you could be challenging for,

level 1- you'll read 5 YA HF books in 2011
level 2- you'll read 10 YA HF books in 2011
level 3- you'll read 15+  YA HF books in 2011

Right now I'm going to aim for level 2. which will be hard because its a genre I don't read a lot of... But it's called  a challenge  for a reason. And thank you so much Ya Bliss for making a sample list of YA HF books. That was so convenient!  click here to see books on my list for this challenge. (note. I'm probably not going to read all of them. like I said im aiming for level 2. if i hit 3 then great. but i tend to be way over when it comes to making book lists.)

XO, Dana

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