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The Clockwork Angel By Cassandra Clare

The Clockwork Angel By Cassandra Clare
age- YA
published by McElderry Books
Genre- Paranormal/historical fiction
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Rating 4 stars

After her aunt dies, Tessa Gray leaves America and sets out to England searching for her brother, and only remaining relative. And when she arrives, she is in for the surprise of her life. She soon finds herself wrapped up in the mysterious shadow world full of horror and terrifying creatures.

Tricked, and kidnapped, by evil warlocks called the Dark Sisters
 Tessa struggles to survive in order to save her brothers life. And in doing so discovers that she has a rare ability. The ability to transform shape, and become other people. Going as far as being able to read their minds while she does it.

The Dark Sisters force her to learn how to use her power, and intend to marry her to the leader of the organisation called "The Pandemonium Club", Who wants her power for his own, and will stop at nothing to get it.

Finally rescued, Tessa is taken to a local shadow hunter Institute, where they swear to help her find her brother, If she helps them bring the Pandemonium Club down. And as Tessa helps the shadow hunters and searches for her brother, she realises, that things are not quite what they seem, and that someone, very close to Tessa, has been betraying her. Now Tessa has to chose between the life she left behind, and the one in front of her.

I love everything that Cassandra Clare writes, and this book is no exception. The Mortal Instrument series is amazing, and if you haven't read that yet then you should. That series is one off my all time favorites, and this book being a prequel to that has put it high on my "books I love" radar.

Now when I tell people that its a prequel, most people go, "ughhhhh, a prequel? Well, maybe I'll get around to it..." and then the very suspicious "..." tells you that they wont read it because of it's awful "prequel" brand.  and I admit, it's usually me who does this because a lot of the prequels i read are lightly stupid and a wast of time. telling me things that I have already inferred...  sorry. went on a bit of a tangent there...

Moving on!

Clare's prequel had new characters and the story took place decades before our beloved mortal instruments series characters were born. It was an entirely knew series set in the same shadow hunter world that we all know and love.

The plot was good, the characters were great, and over all I loved it. I found so much of the book quotable, and laughed a ton. (so much much sister and dad started to look at me funny...) It's A truly awesome book, that is ultimately indescribable, although, I suppose I have just described most of it to you. So just do yourselves a favor and read it. I promise you wont be disappointed.


Cassandra Clare's next book in The Mortal Instruments series the City of Fallen Angels, is Released April 5, 2011, and the Clockwork Prince, the next in the Infernal Devices series hits the shelves Summer 2011

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