Saturday, February 5, 2011

The unfinished book box (one)

Welcome. This is a new thing I'm starting on by blog, I'll be doing this every month or so, so remember to check in!
I got the idea of the unfinished book box because i start books and a lot of the time, for one reason or another I was not able to finish that book, whether it was bad, or i started reading something else and never got back in the mood for it, or I had to give it back before i finished it, everything ends up in the box.
and although i hate to put a book down unfinished, sometimes, a book is just not worth my time when i have lots of other amazing books i can read instead.
So originally i was going to write reviews for these books. And then I thought well that really isn't fair...  I cant write a review for something i hadn't finished, because a lot of the time the ending makes or breaks a book. 
So below as you can see I'm showing you all the books I wasn't able to finish LAST month, so i read these in January.

Remember. Just because i didn't finish it doesn't mean i hate it. maybe it starts slow, and i had a busy week or something... 

 Girl stolen-read half way.

 This book had great promise. I thought the story line was great and the cover looked awesome. But once I opened the book I was unsatisfied. Quite frankly the language was weak. It sounded like something I would read in 6th grade and would be a great MG novel, but as a YA novel, I felt it was lacking in many aspects. It seemed to dramatic and not suspenseful or realistic at all... I could only stomach so much of it and stopped reading after about 100 pages, (or          about half way).

                               Paranormalcy- first 3 chapters

So I read tons of good reviews for this one. and got really excited once i got it at the library. but was soon disappointed... I expected it to be more of a Mortal Instruments type book, and instead was closer to artimus Fowl, which isnt that bad but at the time i was reading it i wasnt in the mood for that type of book. I put it down and next thing i knew it was due at the library. So in the summer when i cant find anything good to read ill probably check that one out agin and finish it, but for now there is way too much on my reading list...


Experenced- half way

Experenced is the third book in the beatuiful americans series, and the only reason why i didnt finish was that i started reading it 2 days befor it was due at the library, and even though i love the series there was no way i could finish the book on time. I did check it out agin however, and hope to finish it soon. only problem is i forgot where i left off.... :( I do recomend the BA series though, expecaly if you take french ( i do) and i realy enjoy these books. 

Rage- half way


I've been leafing through this for a few weeks now, and although I really liked the book hunger (review coming soon)  I found this book hard to get into... Ill probably finish it some time in between classes and after tests and such. This book comes march 2011, and i got an ARC copy... 

 Night Star- 1/3
Is it just me or has this series stretched out way too far. Im kind of sick of Damon and Ever whining that they cant be together, while yet another person threatens their lives. It just seems the same as the last 2 books. Don't get me wrong though, I loved the beginning of the series, (up to book 3 maybe) but after that not much has really happened it seems. 

And thats it for this months unfinished book box! comment, follow, email me, tell me what you think and recomend a book!


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