Monday, April 18, 2011

Clarity By Kim Harrington

ONE QUICK NOTE--- Since I'm a total snufalumpagus and procrastinated more then I do when finals roll around and realized I have like 20 reviews to write. SO. I've decided to write a review on the most recent book I've read, then one I read like back in January, but on the "waiting for review list" and forgot about. I tried to do them in order of readance, but so far that has not worked out so well. So with out further a due. I give you CLARITY BY KIM HARRINGTON

Clarity By Kim Harrington
Published by Point
246 pages
genre- Paranormal Mystery
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Rating- 4

Clarity has always had a special touch- literally. She can see the past through any item she feels, well most of the time. Living in the ultra touristy town of Eastport, Cape Cod, Her family makes a living of giving the visitors a show. With her mind reading mother and mediator brother along with her talents, they make quite the stage act. That is until a tourist is killed and Clare has to use her talents a little differently, to help solve the case. But what happens when the top suspect seems to be no other than... her own brother. Will clarity botch the case and turn in everything she knows, hopping to clear Perry's name? Or go out and try to find the real killer herself, even if it means putting herself into immense danger? And with new bodies of both tourists and townies popping up practically every day, Clarity needs to solve this fast. and maybe, you know, go out with the new detective's hot son a few times also... 

Look at that cover... Gorgeous. And the book was the same. Surprisingly light and happy for a murder mystery with many other stories being spun around it. And for some one who considers herself a "freak" she certainly has a lot going on in the boy friend department. Justin, Gabriel, and Stephan? Okay, Maybe Stephan is sort of the bad guy, getting in fights and cheating on finals and such. but you all know there's always something going on with the dark, brooding, rich guy. My bets are on Justin, the x. (but their still friends though!)  Anyways, the light romantic side kept me smiling thought the heavy stuff.

I also like the unique aspect that clarity's talent brought to the mystery. It gave her an advantage, but just enough to keep us all guessing. and of course they couldn't have solved the case without her.

I devoured the book in about 2 days, and was not disappointed! even though it was only a 4, Id still recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries or light paranormal. It reminded me of Lilly's Ghost, and Virals. and was quite good.

Happy dreams to all. Wish me luck in my final meet of the season tomorrow. :D

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