Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday!

This one is from Plague by Michael Grant.
"Why Did you save me?" Diana asked, turning to look at him.
Cain sucked in a breath, like he was getting ready to dive into a pool. "Because I..." He paused, blinked, seeming surprised at the words coming out of his mouth. "Because what would I do without you? How could I live without you? Because-"
"Because you're the only human I need."

Aww! I love this quote. I really do love the romance between Cain and Diana, Even thought they are the bad guys, Diana's always been tied with Lana as my favorite character. I am addicted to these books. I about died when I found out that Michael grant is coming out with a fourth book Fear. No seriously I was so happy I collapsed on the floor and started laughing and crying and rolling around on the floor for at least 5 minuets. Probably more. My sister asked me if i was alright and volunteered to give me CPR when my heart would finally give out, then just glared at me, for a few minuets to see if id calm down. finally she just gave up and left.

and because I love this book so much (and so much of this book is so quote worthy!) I'll give you a few more tidbits...

Sanjit: "It means Invincible"
Lana: "Great"
Sanjit: " Invincible, I cant be vinced."
Lana: "Thats not even a real word"
Sanjit: "Go ahead, try to vince me."

Brianna: "You're talking to these bugs now? I have to tell you: I don't think they speak Psycho."

"What exactly do you think your doing?" Brianna asked.
"Me?" Drake laughed loudly "I'm going on an epic killing spree"

And there you have it! see you,

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